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Kitty Van Bortel grew up in her father's Chevy dealership in Palmyra, NY. Her father, Howard, was the largest Corvette dealer in the nation at the time. When Kitty purchased a Chevrolet franchise in 2013, she knew she wanted to carry on her fathers legacy and get back in the Corvette business. Van Bortel has a dedicated Corvette department that has slowly grown to become New York's premier Corvette dealership in New York State. In 2016, Van Bortel purchased Turner Automotive. Much like Kitty, Bill Turner had deep roots and family tradition with Corvette. He started Turner Automotive in 1972 with a vision to provide top notch service and sell only the best Corvettes. His dealership in Macedon, NY became the go to place for Corvette enthusiasts nationwide. With Van Bortel's purchase of Turner Automotve, while the name has changes, the commitment and dedication to providing the best service for Corvette customers has remained the same. We look forward to combining both families and continuing the Corvette excellence both families are know for.

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Nate Chandler

Corvette Department Manager

Nate’s passion for Corvettes began during childhood. His passion led him to being the head Corvette Tech for Turner Automotive where he established a high reputation for top quality Corvette service. He teamed up with Kitty in April 2013 to start and lead our Corvette division. In addition to being the Corvette department Manager, he is also the Corvette service writer. Nate is also a Corvette owner himself and currently has a 1972 LT-1 Coupe.


Matt Fagenbaum

Corvette Sales & Marketing

Matt has been an avid motorsports fan for over 10 years. He is a RIT graduate, where his received his bachelors degree in Marketing. He joined Van Bortel in May 2013 to help Nate grow the Corvette department. Matt handles Corvette sales, marketing, maintaining/updating the website, and organizing events. Matt is a Corvette owner as well and has a 2008 Jetstream blue Coupe.


John Rutkowski

GM Corvette Technician

John is a highly trained GM technician with over 25 years of experience! His knowledge about the mechanics of Corvettes and his attention to detail is what makes him the perfect fit as one of our dedicated Corvette technician. He was Nate’s mentor 10 years ago and jumped at the chance to join him again with our Corvette team. Every Corvette he touches is treated as if it was his own. His focus and commitment to providing the best customer service for every customer makes him stand out above any other tech.


Steve Kosko

Corvette Detailer

Steve is the main detailer for the Corvette department. He has been into cars since he could crawl and his earliest memory is riding in his father's 1967 Camaro. He began his Corvette career in 2004 when getting a job at Turner Automotive. Starting with Van Bortel in 2016, after Turners was acquired by them, his only focus is to make your Corvette look as good as it did when new and make your dream of owning a Corvette a positive experience. He is an NCRS member and is currently restoring a 1979 Corvette.


Aaron Roberts



Van Bortel Corvettes Corvettes is New York's premier Corvette dealer located in Macedon, NY.