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Adnan Kaiser 2018 Grand Sport

We did most of the conversation via the Corvette Forum. Matt had a great price but it was simply out of my reach. I countered an offer. Instead of saying no or making another counter offer, he showed me how I can get that deal! The rest was history. That’s what separated Matt from other salesmen. Our conversation started with me being interested in a used Z51 they had in stock. Then I went from buying that to buying a new GS! I traded two my cars. I drove 7 hours with car one the first week; then drove home in a rental. I drove back with my other car following week. The final paperwork process took literally 20 minutes. What was surprising is that Matt didn’t charge me any of those dealer fees. I almost bought it from another dealer last month who added $900 in extra fees!!! At Van Bortel, I literally paid temp tag fee and another mandatory NY state fee – that’s it. When comparing to other dealers that charges many fees, this was an advantage. I have to say HUGE thanks to Matt for making the process so easy!

Adnan K.
Atlanic City, NJ


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