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First time vette owner

I placed my order in July 2021 and received my vehicle in Jan, 2023. Matt was their every step of the way, as he kept me up to date with every step of the process. He made the car buying process stress free, including offering a vehicle delivery service, as I live fours away from the dealership. I also want to thank Scott for transporting the vehicle to my residence. I can honestly say that it was worth the wait, and I’ll definitely be doing business with Van Bortel again.

Mike R

Outstanding Dealership

Once again, I’m a satisfied customer from an outstanding dealership & equally outstanding salesman (Matt Fagenbaum). I traded in my ‘21 C8 Coupe for a ‘23 C8 Convertible and couldn’t be happier with the results of this transaction. I honestly cannot say enough positive about Van Bortel Corvette & their Corvette salesperson (Matt). Suffice it to say, that the Van Bortel Corvette dealership and its employees, possess the integrity & professionalism which most, if not all Corvette purchasers look for, & quite possibly rarely, if ever find. The integrity & professionalism of your dealership, & it’s employees, are 2nd to none. There was no pressure, no fake promises, no sales pitches, and no attempts to upsell any protection or treatments. It was simply a straight-up transaction. As a result, after being at the dealership for about an hour or less, and after being shown the functionality of the convertible, any questions I had were promptly answered and the trade-in process went very smoothly. If GM is listening, & I’m sure that they are, I’d tell them that dealerships like Van Bortel Corvette, who sell new corvettes at MSRP, seemingly are hard to come by. More importantly, rest assured, if more corvette dealerships in the USA were like Van Bortel Corvette, where they actually listen to & respect their customers, GM would probably double or triple their corvette sales. In the past, I’ve purchased other Chevy vehicles from Van Bortel’s competitors, and while satisfied with the vehicles, I was not satisfied with the dealerships and their lack of attention to the customer and was thus left feeling unfulfilled. Happily, this has never been my experience with Van Bortel. While this purchase was my 2nd ever for a Corvette, I was treated like it was my 1st corvette purchase & like I was there only customer. It is this attention to their customers, and my main rationale for grading them 100% A+++. Thanks again for a seamless transaction.


Jeff W

Complete Satisfaction

Ordered through Matt Fagenbaum a 2023 Corvette Convertible. Flawless procedure to receive our 2023 white Corvette Convertible. Matt was able to make arrangements for an enclosed trailer of new vehicle to my home. Everything spent smoothly. Matt is a true professional and very nice person to communicate with.

Jerome Sauer

Thanks Matt & VanBortel team!

Purchased my C6 Yellow tint from Matt, and even though it wasn’t the biggest sale $ Car I never felt like it was not 100% important. Easy no pressure all the time spent freely offered by Matt was just great experience. At pick up I got a beautiful detailed car and icing on the cake for a wonderful Corvette purchase.

David McManmon

Thank you Matt and Glen !

Great experience with our 2016 Vette purchase. Matt Fagenbaum made it relaxing, easy, and fun.

I had a little hick-up a few days later when I forced the lever on our roof top. Luckily, Glen Wandell in the service department to the rescue to secure a part and make the fix. All done before heading home. SHH – don’t tell my wife.

Thank you Van Bortel ! Jeff

Jeff Leenhouts
Home Leasing LLC

Upgraded our 2005 Corvette to

Upgraded our 2005 Corvette to a 2016 Corvette. Had a pleasant experience. Would recommend Matt and Van Bortel when shopping for a Corvette.

Joseph Mack

Great Experience

From the first contact to the actually delivery of my 2019 Grand Sport, Matt at VanBortel was great . Every aspect of the buying process was done with ease ! Matt is very knowledgeable and accommodating throughout . If you’re looking for a Corvette , this is the place .

Frank Gallo

Thank You!

“Thank you” does not begin to cover our gratitude for what we experienced this week. Karen and I are celebrating our 43rd wedding anniversary. It’s always interesting what “gifts” we will give each other. This year was the most extraordinary, and we have had some terrific moments. It  is with sincere and deep gratitude that we give thanks to Matt at Van Bortel Chevrolet for all his efforts in getting us into our “dream” C8.  We are still in awe of the incredible and phenomenal experience. Each time we get into our C8, we look at each other in total amazement, pinch each other, and then kiss. Thank you Matt for truly “making dreams come true”. You knocked our anniversary celebration out of the park. God bless you and the entire Van Bortel Team.

George and Karen

My experience with Van Bortel

My experience with Van Bortel Corvettes has been top notch. I’ve purchased 3 corvettes from Van Bortel and Matt has always been helpful, courteous, informulable and knowledgeable. I presently have my corvette in for repairs and the service department amazes me. They continue to keep me updated in the repair process. I’ve referred many of my friends that have also purchased corvettes from Van Bortel and I will continue to refer possible buyers.

Jim Wheeler

Amazing CS and what a car!!

What an absolutely incredible experience from start to finish. I’m all the way across the country in Vegas so dealing with an NY dealership scared me a bit, but the process was so easy it was like I lived in town and had dealt with Van Bortel many times previous. Matt & crew really have something special over here and it was an absolute pleasure doing business. As for the car, if you’re on a Corvette sales site you already know how sick they are. 100% worth the wait. Thanks again guys and don’t be surprised if we reach out again in maybe 24ish 😁

Matt R
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