We are specialized to diagnose and repair any Corvette from any generation! We have a highly trained, dedicated Corvette technician who can handle all of your Corvette needs. We have all the right tools and equipment for the Corvettes at our Chevy Certified service center. Contact Us today to learn more about all of our services.

Performance Modifications

  • Simple Bolt-Ons; Air Induction, Long Tube Headers, Performance Mufflers.
  • Superchargers and Turbos
  • Internal Engine; Heads, camshafts and manifolds.
  • Engine Swaps; LS Series Engines, Small Blocks and Big Blocks.
  • Drivetrain; Flywheels, Clutch, Driveshafts and Differentials.
  • Suspension; Sway Bars, Shocks, Springs, Coil-Overs, Performance Alignments.

Restoration Services

  • Interiors; Carpet, Dash, Seats
  • Mechanical; Steering, Suspension, Brakes
  • Engine and Driveline; Engines, Transmissions, Differentials
  • Discounts Available for Winter projects.

Track Prep

  • Experienced in preparing Corvettes for the race track, Competition, HPDE and SCCA.
  • Track Safety Inspections
  • Safety Harnesses
  • Big Brake Upgrades
  • Brake Coolers
  • Oil Coolers
  • Larger Radiators
  • And More!

Appearance and Accessories

  • Wheels; Chrome Reproduction, Forged Aluminum, etc.
  • Caliper Painting
  • Decals
  • Chrome and Billet Accessories
  • Spoilers
  • HID Conversions

Performance Tuning

  • Specialized PCM tuning aimed for increased performance and drivability.
  • Available for Stock and Modified GM vehicles.
  • Increase Fuel Economy and help combat the harmful effects of Ethanol in today’s fuels.
  • Supports performance modifications for maximum efficiency, power and longevity of engine components.
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