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Kevin M.

“I brought my Corvette in for an oil change and inspection. Because I am about to take it on a trip, I asked John to look things over to make sure it was in good shape. While most everything was fine, there was a tie rod end that was questionable. Because I was welcome to watch John work, he was able to show me the part right on the car. He was right, it needed to be replaced. He had one in stock and was able to do the job right then, which saved me a trip back on a different day. The job was done neatly, in no time flat and then he did a wheel alignment. He asked me what kind of driving I intended to do and then dialed in the perfect setup to meet my needs. We tested the car together and it handled really nicely! The whole experience was quick, professional and, yeah, fun. It was nice to meet John. He’s a terrific addition to Van Bortel’s great Corvette team.”

Kevin M.

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