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Mike Prokopick 2002 Z06

I’ve been looking for a used C5 corvette since the spring. I’ve come across many with dry rotted tires, some things not working and other small issues. Van Bortel has an incredible selection that are all meticulously cared for and ready for the road. It was worth the 5 hour round trip. You aren’t buying a car that sat in a dealer lot in the elements. You are buying a car from a climate controlled massive showroom. You may find some for slightly cheaper, but they aren’t in the condition and often aren’t serviced before they hit the lot like Van Bortel. The buying process was stellar. Matt helped me and it was as smooth a transaction as I could have asked for. I came up, found the car I was looking for, and put a deposit. I faxed him my insurance info and when I would be back to pick it up. I came as scheduled and it was ready to go, a 5 minute transaction. The last thing I want on a day when I have a 5 hour round trip and already know which car I’m getting is to have to wait for dealer paperwork or any other strife. If I’m in the market for another Vette which won’t be for a while, this would be my first stop!

Mike P.
Apalachin, NY

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