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I called VB Chevy around December 2013 telling them I had a C5 Z06 and I was looking to upgrade to a C6 Z06. I went over what I was looking for, what colors I wanted, budget, etc. A few days later they called me and had a car they thought I’d be interested in, and wanted to get a look at my trade. Since it was wintertime they drove out to my place (it was literally like 0°F that day, and 75 miles from their place) to look at my car. We were able to strike a deal and I bought the car site unseen. I was a little scared, but they literally sent me about 100 high res photos of the car. I drove out to the dealer to pay for it, and they had my new car tucked away in the shop under a cover and it was everything they’d said it’d be. Later on that year I had some issues with the active handling acting up. They took a look at it once, and thought it was fixed, but it came back up again. The second time they took it back again, and were able to determine what it needed…resolving the problem. (knock on wood). Both times, I was provided with a loaner car and they fixed the car for free even though it was beyond the NYS used car warranty time limit (but under the mileage). I was initially concerned I dropped $40000+ on a used car with lingering electrical issues, but they made it right for free. I’ll also note I was looking for a car with 30,000 miles or less, and they found me one with 18,000 miles on it, and gave me good money for my trade (which needed tires & brakes).

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