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Service manager Michelle Wright,tech John Rutkowski and Corvette service manager Rachel Laboda went above and beyond in taking care of the alignment issue on my 2019 Corvette Grand Sport in advising me that they had to contact Chevy Tech Assistance.I was provided with a Chevy vehicle to get home to Grand Island NY from the dealership in Macedon NY no charge.I was kept updated as Tech assistance involvement.I was called when vehicle was completed and was afforded time to speak to the tech John Rutkowski and Michelle Wright as to how the issue was corrected My experience at Van Bortel Chevy was way above my expectations as to their professionalism,product knowledge and eagerness to solve my problem in that they got Tech Assistance involved immediately.I have been telling my many Corvette friends of my experience at Van Bortel Chevy as well as the the prompt technical assistance from Chevrolet. I have become a loyal Van Bortel customer as a result.

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