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Outstanding Dealership

Once again, I’m a satisfied customer from an outstanding dealership & equally outstanding salesman (Matt Fagenbaum). I traded in my ‘21 C8 Coupe for a ‘23 C8 Convertible and couldn’t be happier with the results of this transaction. I honestly cannot say enough positive about Van Bortel Corvette & their Corvette salesperson (Matt). Suffice it to say, that the Van Bortel Corvette dealership and its employees, possess the integrity & professionalism which most, if not all Corvette purchasers look for, & quite possibly rarely, if ever find. The integrity & professionalism of your dealership, & it’s employees, are 2nd to none. There was no pressure, no fake promises, no sales pitches, and no attempts to upsell any protection or treatments. It was simply a straight-up transaction. As a result, after being at the dealership for about an hour or less, and after being shown the functionality of the convertible, any questions I had were promptly answered and the trade-in process went very smoothly. If GM is listening, & I’m sure that they are, I’d tell them that dealerships like Van Bortel Corvette, who sell new corvettes at MSRP, seemingly are hard to come by. More importantly, rest assured, if more corvette dealerships in the USA were like Van Bortel Corvette, where they actually listen to & respect their customers, GM would probably double or triple their corvette sales. In the past, I’ve purchased other Chevy vehicles from Van Bortel’s competitors, and while satisfied with the vehicles, I was not satisfied with the dealerships and their lack of attention to the customer and was thus left feeling unfulfilled. Happily, this has never been my experience with Van Bortel. While this purchase was my 2nd ever for a Corvette, I was treated like it was my 1st corvette purchase & like I was there only customer. It is this attention to their customers, and my main rationale for grading them 100% A+++. Thanks again for a seamless transaction.


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