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Very responsive

I have dealt with the Van Bortel new car dealership when we purchased our new (at the time) 2014 Camaro SS (traded 2001 pewter Corvette conv) which went very well. Being from Binghamton ,NY we did most of the deal over the phone and we just knew they were good people when the deal was complete. With our past experience with Van Bortel we just purchased a 2019 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe 2LT. Having traded the Camaro in, and it was the end of November 2018, Matt trailered our new Corvette to our home and picked up our Camaro trade. Now we just have to wait till spring to drive our new Corvette with 4 miles on it sitting in the garage. The VB Corvette Department is excellent to deal with, Matt Fagenbaum was personable and very responsive to our needs. We would definitely recommend Van Bortel to anyone!

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